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My name is Ann Pearce and I act as Online Parish Clerk (OPC) for Georgeham in Devon. An OPC is not an official appointment or in any way connected to the Parish or the Church.  I am a volunteer with an interest in genealogy  -  and in Georgeham in particular  -  offering to look up (without charge) information which may help you in your quest to find your ancestors.

What I can offer is described below and in the following pages.  A full explanation of the OPC scheme can be found here

Welcome to my website ...

Baptisms 1540 - 1852

Banns 1757 - 1812, 1869 - 1949

Marriages 1538 - 1837

Burials 1538 - 1954

Censuses 1841 - 1911

A Book of Georgeham, Lois Lamplugh

St George’s Church, booklet (available online here)

The Hole Family of Georgeham, Brian Harris (available online here)

The History of Georgeham and Croyde, H S Balfour

From Cradle to Grave, 1850-74, B & A Brock (Reports of births, marriages and deaths in the North Devon Journal together with extracted articles)

Please bear in mind that I am a volunteer and that I do the look-ups in my spare time.  I will reply as soon as I can but I do have other things to do sometimes  - and I do like holidays!

Don’t forget to take a look at the GENUKI page for Georgeham, which can be found here.  It contains lots of references to available material.